• Free nutritional breakfast, lunch and snack are provided.
  • Junior Prep serves nutritious meals that are prepared in a licensed and approved kitchen  facility.
  • Parents are asked during enrollment if there are any dietary food restrictions or allergies.


  • Junior Prep is fully equipped with a state of the art security system that will keep you child safe every time they are left with us.
  • All entrances and exits to our facility have a video surveillance system in use and we are also equipped with an electronically secured door system- all visitors including parents who enter and exit the center do so by using this system.
  • Security cameras are throughout the interior and exterior of the building and on the playgrounds.
  • Secure check in and monitored entrance with the Director’s office located right by the front door.
  • Each classroom is visible through large glass pane windows
  • High quality fencing and gates around our playground