Our primary goal is to promote high quality care for young children in group child care settings. We strive to facilitate developmentally appropriate care for children and create and maintain an environment in which children learn through play.  Our goal is to try to develop a happy, well-adjusted child through freedom - with control and discipline through affection. 

We have an efficient and cost effective administration and program based on our knowledge about child development, human relationships and family dynamics.  Our goals are generally set in terms of the children’s needs, which are, of course, of utmost concern. However, the needs of parents, staff and the community must also be considered.

Our Goals for the Children:  To meet their needs in all areas of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.  Each child’s individuality is recognized and stressed and attention is given providing for each child’s special needs.

Our Goals for the Parents:  To meet the standards of safe and secure care during their absence and provide education for their children, all at a reasonable cost and in a convenient location. Our center is easily accessible by public transportation.

Our Goals for the Staff:  To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and creative expression, to show appreciation for their skills and their performance and to remunerate them appropriately with advancement when possible.

Our Goals for the Community:  To see that sufficient quality services are available to working parents. We feel that the future citizens of the city are its children and the city needs the kinds of faclities that will promote the healthy development of its youth.